My 10 Thoughts on Fashion

1. Fashion is one’s passion for items or styles.

2. We have conventional ways how to use Fashion to show how we feel.

3. It portrays our likes and dislikes to certain fashions.

4. How we use our usage of Fashion to show the styles and etiquette when socialising.

5. We broadcast and dictate all types of Fashion all around the world.

6. Learning to adjust and adapt to one another’s sizes and shapes for varied items for all body shapes.

7. We accommodate to others views on what Fashion statements we represent.

8. Being able to put together your own Fashions by Drawings and Designs.

9. Feeling comfortable in what you wear no matter what Fashion you choose to follow.

10. FASHION is an everyday thing we cannot live without, as we all wear some sort of clothing.


4 responses to “My 10 Thoughts on Fashion

  1. There’s also a difference between fashion and style. The way we dress communicates huge amounts about our values, beliefs and identity.

  2. I like this post, I love your words. Thank you A LOT for passing by my site and leave me a comment.

    Happy New year, all the best & hope to keep in touch 🙂

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