10 New Year’s fashion resolutions

Want to feel better dressed?

Follow these 10 New Years fashion resolutions for 2012.

Pretty up in pastels
Bye bye brights, ice creamy pastels are back (see Louis Vuitton’s spring collection). If you’re worried about looking twee stick to sleek silhouettes, and anchor sugary shades with black tights. Go for warmer pinks if you have sallow skin, and cool blues and greens if you have warmer, pink toned skin. Most of us should leave pastel yellow well alone.

Lighten up
No walk in wardrobe? Next best thing is to light your cupboards properly. Either have your closet fitted with lights, or just angle a lamp so that you can easily see what’s in there. A small change that will make a surprisingly big improvement.

Store my leopard print
It’s all about bird and feather motifs now — so put your leopard print and snakeskin in storage. Check out Giles, Marc by Marc Jacobs and Mannish Arora for inspiration coming soon to a high street near you.

Cull my tights drawer
A practical resolution. Cull any tights that look a bit past their sell by date, treat yourself to some new ones and feel instantly more polished. Same goes for underwear.

Dig out my peplum skirt
Peplum skirts are a big trend for spring, which is handy for two reasons. One, this shape is very forgiving around the hips. Two, you may well have one at home, as they had a moment a few years ago. If not, try asos or net-a-porter.

Plan ahead
Do you start everyday thinking: ‘Agh, what to wear?’ There’s a little known object called a valet stand, that’s made for you. Somewhere between a coat hanger and a dressmaker’s dummy, it’s for putting your clothes out on before you go to bed. Get one on eBay, and wake up feeling smug.

Ditch my platform heels
Excruciatingly high heels are looking distinctly tired. Ditto platform soles. The shoe of now is a mid-height, flat soled pointy court (take a bow, Kate Middleton). Best of all, you can actually wear them all day. Find yours now at Kurt Geiger.

Banish moths
Thanks to central heating, moths are rife at this time of year. Don’t want them munching through your wardrobe? The first rule is not to put away clothes that aren’t clean, as moths are attracted by sweat. So don’t save your cashmere sweater for best! Next get some non stinky moth repellent (we like Colibri hanging wool protector). If the problem is really bad, you’ll have to put all your woollies in the freezer.

Embrace a drop waist
Good news — no more clinch belts. The drop waist, 20s flapper style, is set to be the silhouette of Spring 2012. Breathe a big sigh of relief.

Big up my brows
Strong brows are your fast track to modern looking make up. Have them threaded, invest in a good brow pencil (Shavata products are excellent) and you’ll find you look 5 years younger.


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