Virtual Changing Rooms

Has anyone heard about Virtual Changing Rooms. It is when you shop online at a particular online website and want to try on the items you are about to purchase.

Impossible right, wrong apparently you can design a particular Virtual character that you assign to yourself pick up the items you are about to purchase then you place it on Virtual character and do a 360 turn from left to right front and back.

You can design your Virtual character to your own size, shape. So virtually you will be trying your items on before buying, how cool is that.

So what do you think about Virtual changing Rooms, have you heard about it if so please leave you views and what you think, would you trial it or if you have your own website would you install it for your customers.



4 responses to “Virtual Changing Rooms

  1. sounds great where do youy access this?

    • One of my Contacts from Linkedin mentioned it as she does it. Her name is Jenny Tcharnaia and Company called triMirror. Please mention me as a referral. Michelle Johnson from Linkedin. Thanks

  2. If it was effective I would use it for my clients.

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