Dsquared. Armani, Cavalli and Gianfranco Ferre at Milan Fashion Week Dsquared. Armani, Cavalli and Gianfranco Ferre at Milan Fashion Week

The dizzying haze of Milan #Fashion week has come to a close and the most exciting moments were indeed left till last.
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Dsquared took us to an American highschool full of homecoming queens on the arms of suited and booted jocks. Adorable jersey sweaters embellished with poodles, glittering pencil skirts and cool cat eye glasses concocted visions of girlish innocence and adolescent frivolity, whilst the bejewelled necklaces and Brigitte Bardot backcombs provided the fun sexuality the the label is infamous for. Lolita-esque whimsy brightened Monday morning and gave us the energy to last the final day in Milan.

A more different picture could not have been painted by Giorgio Armani, with cool, easy tailoring and 1920s androgynous suits taking over the catwalk. Fedoras and fine grey pinstripes transported us to the set of Bugsy Malone, whilst light sleeveless shift tops and velvet jackets maintained an elegant streak through the collection. A touch of subtle grace was brought to the week through this collection, and Judging from Franca Sozzani’s smile in the front row, it was incredibly well received.

The queen of exuberance, Naomi Campbell, graced the runway for Roberto Cavalli’s latest collection. Closing the show in a sequin gown in deepest maroon, Campbell perfectly encapsulated the tone of the show: glossy, glamorous, and just a little bit over the top. Animal prints, flowing chiffon and layer upon layer of baroque material formed a decadent vision that only Cavalli could create.

Gianfranco Ferre closed the day and with it brought Milan #Fashion Week to an end. A monochrome palette and voluminous sculpted dresses made for a sombre show in comparison to the colour explosion we’ve seen all week, but this runway presentation was anything but boring. Strong lines and cuts played with tough fabrics and metal accents, shaping a directional and rather formidable collection.
The week has brought us through a veritable rainbow of trends. From minimal monochrome to elaborate opulence, conservative chic to trashy glamour, Milan #Fashion Week has had us on the edge of our seats, and we can only imagine how Paris could possibly begin to compete…


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