Clemence Poesy For G-Star RAW: ‘London has the best vintage shops’

Hands up if you were one of the 5.3million viewers tuning into ‘Birdsong’ last night? Yep, us too. And although our crush on the dashing Eddie Redmayne continues to flourish and the First World War setting of the BBC mini-series was dramatically breath-taking, it was Clémence Poésy who had us captivated…

The French actress first came to our attention when she rocked up as Fleur Delacour in ‘Harry Potter’. Then she joined the cast of ‘Gossip Girl’ and our style radar started bleeping. But it wasn’t until she began bagging every front row ticket in town that we really sat up and took notice. Clémence is now a firm favourite in Karl Lagerfeld’s gang and was most recently seen taking flight for Chanel’s couture show last week. As for her sense of style, it’s typically French — impossibly effortless and utterly chic.
So it was no surprise to hear La Poésy is the new face of G-Star RAW’s Spring/Summer 2012 advertising campaign [above]. The blonde beauty was shot in Lisbon by photographer and filmmaker, Anton Corbijn, and the result is a collection of black-and-white images that ooze a fierce rock ‘n’ roll edge.
At the opening of G-Star RAW’s new Rodeo Drive store, which is now open to the public, we grabbed a quick chat with the French fancy…
Grazia Daily: France is famous for brilliant pharmacies – do you have a favourite beauty product?
Clémence Poésy: Anything by the pharmacy’s brands that are quite cheap. I’m always surprised when I open a magazine and I read about people giving out creams that cost a month’s salary. I’m like, ‘who are you talking to?’

Grazia Daily: What was your favourite outfit from the campaign?
Clémence Poésy: The simplest one. I’d been trying to find the perfect jean jacket in every vintage shop for about five years and all of a sudden, it was there.

Grazia Daily: What’s the favourite thing in your wardrobe?
Clémence Poésy: I have a shirt that my mum wore in the ’70s and it’s got the perfect shape. Now I can’t wear it anymore because I’ve worn it too much and I know it’s going to fall apart. But I treasure it — more because it belonged to my mum than anything else.

Grazia Daily: What do you do when you’re in London?
Clémence Poésy: I used to live in Dalston so I spent most of my Sundays near London Fields and in Broadway Market. I think London has got the best vintage shops in Europe. I love England!


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